Elegiac Stories

Elegiac Stories

I would describe myself as a happy person yet the music I find I’m invariably drawn to is that which is serious even sombre. This mood taps into my soul more directly and helps me reflect on things more effectively. The mere title of this disc appealed to me straightaway.

t was interesting to read that while Gustav Mahler wrote so much music in so many genres he wrote no chamber music apart from this most lovely one-movement quartet. This he began at the age of sixteen during his first year at the Vienna Conservatoire. I’m sure you’ll recognise it as I did and puzzle not to say regret that he never added to it since such promise is indicated that he had within him the capacity to have produced some wonderful chamber works. The last item added as a ‘bonus’ is a fragment lasting a mere eighty seconds and again tantalises with promise unrealised.

The Eben Trio play all the works beautifully and when they are joined by Kristina Fialová (Terezie’s sister?) they become a very effective quartet. I’m sure we will hear more from these talented musicians.


Steve Arloff


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